Get a Library Card

Picture showing TRAC Rockyford library card

Residents of Rockyford and surrounding area are invited to apply for a free TRAC library card, either through the online forms below or in person at Rockyford Library. 

A TRAC library card entitles you to library service at all Marigold Member Libraries and provides access to the ME Libraries service where once registered, you can then use non-TRAC libraries, like Calgary Public Library! - at no extra charge.

Apply for your TRAC library card today! 

Annual Library Membership Fee Change for 2023

A Rockyford Library Card is required to borrow items from the library. If you wish to purchase a new library membership you will need to present identification with your address on it. You can also use a utility bill, tax notice, rental agreement, bank or insurance documents as proof of address. For renewals just pop into the library and we can get you renewed quickly.

Effective January 1, 2023, Rockyford Library membership will be free.

The library thanks you all for your continued support.